Resound Enya 362

Brand Name ReSound
Model Ey 362 DW RIE
Type RIE
Digital / Programmable Digital
No.of Channels 8
Battery Type 312
GAIN 61/67/74/82
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Sound quality and audiological features
Sound quality
The excellent sound quality of ReSound Enya means you use less effort to enjoy life in all its richness. And you’ll have more energy to spend quality time with your loved ones.
Adaptive Directionality
Identify and understand clear speech in noisy environments with Adaptive Directionality.
Noise Tracker II and Windguard
Enjoy a comfortable listening experience in noise or wind thanks to Noise Tracker II and Windguard.
DFS Ultra II
Go through your day untroubled by whistling sounds, which are eliminated by the DFS Ultra II.
Ear-to-Ear communication
Discreetly change the volume or program of both hearing aids by adjusting just one of them thanks to Ear-to-Ear communication.
Tinnitus Sound Generator
Get relief from tinnitus with the inbuilt Tinnitus Sound Generator.
Wireless connectivity and accessories
Wireless accessories

Stream stereo audio from your TV, computer or music player directly to your hearing aids with the TV Streamer 2.

Hear someone who is wearing the ReSound Multi or Micro Mic in background noise or over distance.

Adjust volume, change hearing programme or mute your hearing aids with the Remote Control 2.


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